St. Joseph was born and raised in a small north german town close to lots of fish, the breezy north sea and people with deadpan humour. He was introduced to music with an early age and was quickly inspired by the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder just to name the few obvious. Music of the 70s and 80s as well as early Hip-Hop and Black Music have certainly left a particular mark on him. Short after he successfully managed to receive his seahorse swimming badge he discovered Techno in the early 90s and was immediately hooked.

He bought two Technics turntables and started collecting records in 1996. David moved to Cologne in 2000 which is still his beloved hometown. Every now and then he was invited to play records, in the beginning mostly at private parties. He continued djing but never really felt a strong connection to any scene or managed to develop a residency that he felt would’ve been fulfilling. He started software-based producing five years ago and instantly felt the need to continue on this quest and therefore started to buy hardware. Today he only uses hardware with his productions. His first release, still under his real name David Joseph, was a split EP together with John Tejada on Lonesome Hero.

Shortly after that he managed to release a very rare debut EP “Limitiert #14″ under his actual moniker St. Joseph on the label Platzhirsch Schallplatten. Since then he has been sharing the decks with the likes of DJ Qu, Tevo Howard, Jus Ed, Chez Damier and numerous other heroes of the scene. Having helped establish Assemble Music as a label with his „Personal Dancefloor EP“ back in 2012, it seemed perfectly right for St. Joseph to deliver the Lisbon operation’s first full artist album in the shape of „Simple Things“, which represents David’s own debut long player which has come out in June 2014.

„Everything Is Okay EP“ is David’s third EP and Lize is very proud to be a part of it.