Named after the impressionist and expressionist artist Lawrence Isherwood, was born on the 6th of september 1988 in a small English town called Wigan, where his passion for music developed. The Wigan casino mod movement, Bob James, Martha Wade, Brian Eno, Esther Bryde, DJ Harvey, Roy Ayers and Dave Mancuso all had strong influences on his early life, having a deep love for vinyl (and touching it like a baby).

Isherwoods ideas do not follow any specific idealism on music genre but has now developed a unique style. He is recognised as a deep thinking musician taking the transcending paradigm shift from the soul of nostalgia to using hardware and software to practice creationism and arrangement, with influences from foreign lands, studying sequence pattems juxtaposed with dusty house lo-fi vibes from the moody heart of Manchester.

With Isherwoods desired sound and musical expression devoted to the underground floors of clubs, you will hear music with depth created from deep rooted thought patterns that prevail his respect for avantegarde and experimentalist thinkers that are still connected with realism and the present moment.